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Nanjing Zhengyuan group is located in Baima town, Lishui district, Nanjing city. As a group company contained Nanjing Zhengyuan Enamel Equipment Co., Ltd, Nanjing Fuyuan Chemail pipeline equipment Co., Ltd, Nanjing advanced fluidmanagement Co., Ltd and Rizhao Zhengyuan chemical machinery Co., Ltd. Total registered capital of 350 million yuan, owns more than 10 0,000 square meters standard workshop, total number of employees more than 1000 people.

The company has a foreign expert team and technical management staff of 187 people, two kinds of products of national industry standards maker, own a number of product patent certificate, and awarded the honorary certificate of high-tech enterprises.

The group employs foreign experts to set up a research and development team, mainly engaged in the research and development of high-end glass products, high-end pump valves, fluorine materials products. Chemical equipment Research, development and manufacture. The treatment of environmental waste gas and waste water.                        

Our vision is to become a world-class chemical brand, find the core needs of customers, serve customers with heart, treat customers with sincerity, establish long-term strategic partnership with customers, and become a customer OEM is our business philosophy.

Nanjing Fuyuan Chemical Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. Nanjing zhengyuan Enamel Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Advanced FluidManagement
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